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25 Oct 2017 The 2017 Medical Training Initiative (paediatrics) College application round is now closed. Once dates for applications and interviews have been set, they will appear here. Please refer to the guidance for applicants for information regarding eligiblity criteria: General information about MTI(p) · Frequently
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17 Nov 2017 Considering applying to paediatrics? This page contains information about applying for ST1 and ST2 posts, including the application process, person specifications and guidance. If after reading this information you have any further queries please contact the Specialty Recruitment Office, (PaedsNRO) at
1 Jul 2016 To become a paediatrician you will need to complete a medical degree at a university medical school to become a fully qualified doctor. There are a number of medical schools in the UK. When choosing a medical school you will need to think carefully about the location and the entry requirements. It takes
7 Nov 2017 Paediatric training enables paediatricians to deliver excellent standards of care within an evolving health service. It aims to produce professionals sensitive to the needs of children and their families. All education, training and assessment processes meet the RCPCH and General Medical Council curricula.
Guidance for Paediatric Trainees There are no explicit guidelines regarding the level of risk at which adjustments to work should be made for pregnant workers. The exception is if you are unwell with a pregnancy-related illness within 4 weeks of your EDD when your employer may start your maternity leave and pay.
19 Apr 2017 Information about your membership subscriptions and how to pay by Direct Debit, credit or debit card, cheque or banker's draft. Please make your cheque or banker's draft payable to 'Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health', and write your membership number on the back so we can identify your
It is a requirement that applicants hold the appropriate level of paediatric competences for the level to which they are applying. There are different essential requirements for those wishing to enter at ST3 and those wishing to enter at ST4.
25 Oct 2017 International Fellows on the MTI(p) scheme work in an RCPCH-approved clinical setting, exposing them not only to the specified area of paediatrics but also of areas including leadership and management, developing guidelines, conducting audit and research and understanding of clinical governance.
5 Nov 2014 The RCPCH believes that the proposed changes to the minimum salary thresholds for tier 2 will have trainee grade paediatricians (SAS doctors and other non-consultant non-training grade) in its look at rota compliance with working time regulations and rota vacancies, 78% of respondents were.