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AMP. Thermoelectric heat pump control. LED regulation. Power supply. Precision 4-wire PRTD. Thermoelectric. Cooling Module. Rhodium or. Platinum Mirror Calibration Services. Proper calibration is critical to the measurement integrity of your equipment. Comparing and adjusting the output of a device or sensor against
The HMI41 is an easy-to-use portable humidity and temperature indicator for a variety of applications, including such as industrial monitoring and inspections, occupational health and safety, laboratory and research use, spot checking etc. When equipped with optional calibration cables, the HMI41 can also be used as a
Both the AT and the DP are measured with Platinum Resistance Thermometers This instrument, a precise chilled mirror hygrometer, is .. utput. BC CYCLE: The Automatic Balance Cycle (ABC) can be initiated manually at puts will be. S programmed in 24 hour time, but displayed in 12 hour time, showing AM or PM. N.
This is a great, brand new indoor / outdoor thermometer hygrometer combination. The outdoor sensor Big Screen Indoor And Outdoor Temperature Hygrometer KT-908 .. By:jbolts 2017-10-05 09:14:16; I bought this specifically because the description said it took AAA batteries Sadly it does not it takes a watch battery.
General Practices. 12. Calibration. 12. Calibration of Sensors and Transmitters with the VAPORTRON. 12. Recommended Calibration Procedure (or Trial-Run). 13 . Both hygrometers support better than 1% RH accuracy in measure a platinum resistance sensor element that is placed in the chamber vessel near the rear.
Free PC program enables to transfer recorded data to the computer for evaluation. LCD backlight. Audio and optical alarm of measured values. Memory of minimum and maximum measured values. Function Hold - manual storing of actual values for later displaying. Simultaneous reading of temperature and relative
Certifications: A serial numbered certificate is provided from an ISO 17025 calibration laboratory accredited by A2LA to indicate instrument traceability to standards provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Hygrometer/thermometer 35519-047 meets federal requirements for monitoring temperature
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4. 2.3 Scheme. 7. 3 Transfer standards. 8. 3.1 Platinum resistance thermometers. 8. 3.2 Thermohygrometer. 9. 3.3 Stability of the transfer standards. 9. 3.4 Self-heating and Effect of Cables. 13. 4 Comparison of Calibration Results. 14. 4.1 Results Obtained with a Single PRT. 14. 4.2 Results Obtained with Pairs of PRTs. 16.