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24 Aug 2014
AF System/ Points, AiAF (9-point, Face Detection or Touch AF with Object and Face Select and Track), 1-point AF (any position is available or fixed centre). AF Modes, Single, Continuous, Servo AF/AE?, Touch AF. AF Point Selection, Size (Normal, Small). AF Lock, On/Off Selectable. AF Assist Beam, Yes. Manual Focus, Yes
8 Oct 2013 Expert review of the Canon PowerShot S120 camera with sample photos, test shots, videos and more. In this way, to take one example, users can elect to adjust focus manually, a distance slider appearing on the right hand side of the LCD screen and the central portion of the image enlarged as a further
Camera Basics. Auto Mode /. Hybrid Auto Mode. Other Shooting. Modes. Tv, Av, M, and. C Mode. Playback Mode. Wi-Fi Functions. Setting Menu. Accessories. Appendix. Index contacting a Canon Customer Support Help Desk. • Although the LCD Instructions in this guide apply to the camera under default settings.
Canon PowerShot S120 Manual Online: Shooting Range And Focusing, Shooting In Manual Focus Mode. Shooting Close-Ups (Macro) To Fine-tune the focus. z. z. Press the shutter button halfway to have. the camera fine-tune the focal position. (Safety MF). Cover. Movies. Before Use. Common Camera. Operations.
24 May 2014 it occurred to me I'd never even tried out the manual focus option on the Canon S120. I thought I'd give it a go, but couldn't find it initially. Specifically I mean on the screen, the clever little camera started making bits of the picture glow if they were in focus. SO helpful. I like the camera even more now, and
1 Aug 2014 1. Press the power button to turn the camera on. 2. Set the mode dial to [ ]. 3. Turn the < > ring to set the aperture value. IMPORTANT. Orange display of shutter speeds when you press the shutter button halfway indicates that the settings deviate from standard exposure. Adjust the aperture value until the
Using Manual Focus. You can use manual focus when auto focus is not possible by following the same step as in the normal picture taking mode. 1. Choose MF by pressing the button, and then press the buttons or use the control dial to choose MF and press the <FUNC./SET> button. The MF and the MF indicator will
10 Oct 2013 Whether you want full manual control or camera automation then you're in luck, as everything is catered for via the main mode dial. Point-and-shoot autofocus sticks to its decent face-detection system that we found to work effortlessly, while close-up focus as near as 3cms from the lens at the widest-angle
But reading the S120 User Guide it seems to me that in P Mode the following can be manually set before the recording starts and will not be overwritten (automatically adjusted) by the camera when shooting video in that mode: - Exposure Compensation. - Auto Exposure Lock (or is it only in Movie Mode