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27 Sep 2012
28 Sep 2012 Find out how you can transmute items in Torchlight 2 to create enhanced items.
31 Dec 2012 This is a guide about Torchlight II, with basic information about most aspects of the game. And don't forget, the only rule of Torchlight II is: You should play it as you like to play it. (The guide.
The only thing that I suspect my be a problem is how the game prioritizes recipes. For instance, if you decided to make the price of a rejuv be 3 mana and 3 health potions, would it make a rejuv or would it simply use the health potion upgrade recipe? But suppose you go with two each of health potion 2 and
5 Nov 2012 To perform a transmutation, place the ingredients into the slots. If the ingredients are appropriate for a recipe, the transmutation button will become active and allow you to perform the transmutation! This will remove the necessary items and place the new item into your bag. The recipe list will show the
good effort, but all this info has been there for ages on the torchlight wiki: . But the only thing that the wiki really has is what's already given to you in-game and the 2 recipes that everyone has discovered (ie making a random set item and making a random
For Torchlight II on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Transmutation recipes".
Recipe, Components, Result. Health Potion, Upgrade Health Potion, 3x Health Potion (Of Same Level), Health Potion of Next Level. Mana Potion, Upgrade Mana Potion, 3x Mana Potion (Of Same Level), Mana Potion of Next Level. Random Set, A Random Set Item, 2x Any Set Item, One Random set item from average
Transmuting in Torchlight II is a process by which the player can combine certain items into new It is similar to transmuting in the first game, but features some different recipes and a system that remembers known recipes. The quality of the (it is often possible to receive a higher level set piece from 2 lower level pieces).
In fact, it only gives a chance for a random set item period, meaning you can transmute 2 random unique set pieces and get a common in return. You do have a chance to get a unique amulet. I have yet to see a unique weapon, armor piece, or ring come from this though. permalink; embed; save; give gold.