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Future Retro Revolution R2 - FutureRetro REVOLUTION R2, 303 clone Synthesizer with Stepsequencer, OSCILLATOR WAVEFORM SELECT: Sawtooth, Square wave, TUNE CONTROL: +/- 1 semitone, FILTER: 3 pole, 18db lowpass resonant filter, CUTOFF: Filter frequency, RESONANCE: Amount control,
The Revolution and Orb units use a 3.6 volt AA size lithium battery, model TL-5104/P (with solder leads) or model TL-5104/S (without solder leads). (Please note there was a typo in the Revolution Owner's manual regarding this battery type.) This battery will have a life expectancy of about 1.5 years in the white-faced
Future Retro / REVOLUTION R2 / ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????DSP??????????/????????????????????
Manufacturer: Future Retro, Category: Sequencers, Price: ?439, Model: ORB, Features: easy to use - single track - step-based digital sequencer - ideal for controlling our XS semi-modular synthesizer as well as other analog CV/Gate or MIDI synthesizers.
30 Dec 2012
Future Retro have designed it to better coincide with the circular or cyclic nature of time and music which they feel makes it a more natural, if not unique, means of music creation. I can't figure out how to play patterns backwards on the Orb. The specs state that it's possible but I can't find where it's covered in the manual.
audio. Please be sure and read through the entire manual for a full understanding of the features and functions the Revolution is capable of. PHILOSOPHY. The Revolution is our new concept synthesizer designed to illustrate loop-based music in a much more natural way than has been provided in the past with traditional
20 Feb 2011
25 Aug 2017 Future Retro Revolution R2 303 Clone Synthesizer / Sequencer. via this auction "This is the grey metal R2 version with an updated PC board design using a new RAM chip which extends the internal back up battery life to more than 10 years and includes OS version 2.0." LABELS/MORE: Auctions, eBay,
Future Retro Revolution (2004) Rating: 3.0 out of 5. Monophonic analog bassliner: Roland TB-303 emulation with effects. Listen to audio demos or read thel review.

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