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Form MO-1120 (Revised 12-2013). Form. MO-1120. Missouri Department of Revenue. 2013 Corporation Income Tax Return. Corporation Name. MO Tax I.D. Number. Charter Number 14. 00. 15. Recapture of Missouri Low Income Housing Credit (attach a copy of Federal Form 8611) (see instructions) 15. 00. 16.
15 Aug 2017
Missouri Department of Revenue, find information about motor vehicle and driver licensing services and taxation and collection services for the state of Missouri.
To obtain a Form MO-7004, access the Department of Reve nue's website at or call (800) 877-6881. Form MO-1120 and Schedule MO-FT must be used for amending tax years beginning 2000 and forward for corporation income tax and beginning 2001 and forward for corporation franchise tax.
MO-1120PDF Document, Corporation Income Tax/Franchise Tax Return and Form MO-FT (NOTE: For proper form functionality, utilize Internet Explorer browser and Adobe Reader for PDF MO-1120S InstructionsPDF Document, S Corporation Income Tax Return and Franchise Tax Return Instructions, 2015, 10/25/2016.
MO-1120 (12-2012). FORM MO-1120. Missouri Corporation. INCOME TAX. Return for 2012. Beginning. , 20. Ending. , 20. Missouri Corporation. FRANCHISE TAX. Return for 2013. Beginning Recapture of Missouri Low Income Housing Credit (attach a copy of Federal Form 8611) (see instructions) 15. 00. 16.
1 Jan 2013 fran chise tax must file Form MO-1120S with Schedule MO-FT. MO-1120 Instructions (Revised 11-2013). 1. ELECTRONIC FILING OPTIONS FOR CORPORATION TAX RETURNS. Corporations may file Missouri MO-1120 Corporate Income and Franchise tax returns electronically in conjunction with the IRS.
Corporations/S Corporations Subject to Franchise Tax. All domestic corporations must file a Form MO-1120, Corporation Income. Tax/Corporation Franchise Tax Return or Form MO-1120S, S Corporation. Income/Franchise Tax Return and Form MO-FT, Franchise Tax Schedule and pay any tax due. All foreign corporations
Form. MO-1120. Missouri Department of Revenue. 2016 Corporation Income Tax Return. All Missouri source income is from an interest(s) in a partnership(s). State. Select this box if Federal Taxable Income from Federal Form 1120, Line 30. Missouri Dividends Deduction (see instructions before entering an amount) .
Attach a copy of your Federal Form 1120. Corporations reporting taxable income on a federal return other than a Federal Form 1120 (such as Federal Forms 1120POL, 1120H, 1120SF, 1120REIT, 990T, or 1120C), shall attach a copy of the appropriate federal form and make the computations on Form MO-1120.

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