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1. USER'S MANUAL. Xemio-767 BT. MP3 / MP4 player with Bluetooth. For more information: Before using this product, read and follow all warnings and instructions. • This product is not intended for use by young other warning or precaution contained within this user manual will not be covered by
Bedienungs- und Einbauanleitung. Operating and installation instructions. Mode d'emploi et de montage. Istruzioni d'uso e di installazione. Gebruiksaanwijzing en inbouwhandleiding. Bruks- och monteringsanvisning. Instrucciones de manejo e instalacion. Instrucoes de servico e de montagem. Betjenings- og
ln pause status, shod press player buton 0!a to mp3 playe. MP3 Function. Thanks for using our mp3&bluetooth sunglassesl We attached the user manual which can make you operate the player skillfully. Please read the manual bluetooth devie,find the name of bludooth :BT+t\,{p3, the prrinq Din 00OO is reouired for the.
Only music format files with MP3, WMA and WAV can be transmitting by the player's Bluetooth function in music playing interface mode. 3. Fast-forward and Fast backward is not allowed to use in. Bluetooth mode. 5. Downloading the User's Manual. • For consider environment protection, the detailed User's. Manual is stored
Read the safety instructions carefully before using the player. 1. Review this entire manual to ensure proper usage. 2. Keep this User Manual for future reference. 3. Do not use headphones/earphones while driving, cycling, or operating any motorized vehicle. This may create a traffic hazard and may be illegal in some areas
Bluetooth Car Charger User Manual- BT67. Using FM Transmitter function: 1. Plug the FM transmitter into your vehicle's cigarette lighter or power port. 2. Tune your radio to an unused FM frequency, then match the same frequency of this unit. 3. Insert a USB flash drive or SD card which containing MP3 files into USB port or
The aGLOW will switch back to BT- mode and the blue status indicator will flash. The aGLOW will automatically pair with the last connected device. there is no flash indicator showing, please repeat step 1 to 3 for re-con- nection. 5 Audio input mode. 1. Insert 3.5mm /mini jack audio cable into the audio input port. MP3
MP3 to make your drive free with relaxed chat! Bluetooth Car MP3 Player. Operation Manual. Brief introduction to functions: It is available to play the music documents in SD card or USB, then transmitted to car cellular phone Bluetooth mode, set to the active and search to BT Carkit device name displayed on the after,
In the user manual, every feature or action always includes the number of the button or part that is used, so that you can easily recognize the buttons or parts that are needed. Front view. 1. Handle, use the handle to lift the device. 2. CD slot, you can insert a CD into the CD slot. Always insert a CD with the label facing up. 3.